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Discover your potential; Live your dream.

Choosing you is the beginning. 

clarity is the key to progress and success.

Our decisions determine our direction. 

Are you feeling unclear about your future?

Do you keep going round in circles?

Are you wasting time and resources and not getting anywhere?

Have you tried everything and still no results?

Stop living your life this way. 

Take a leap today, and live life intentionally.


I am here to see you succeed and I will support you to achieve the results you want. Let's get you where you need to be.

Tiers of discovery Programme

This Programme offers you the opportunity to choose which area you want to focus on.

Stop wasting time

Schedule your session now. You have already wasted enough time and resources. Take back the power and get clear for your future.

It is time you stop settling for less. You only have one life. Live it!

Are you done letting other people tell you who you should be?

Are you ready to overcome your fears? 

Do you want to get unstuck?



How you choose to live YOUR LIFE is completely up to YOU? 

ARE you ready to let go and be yourself?

Are you ready to choose YOU?

Life Coaching

Helps you build confidence to step outside your comfort zones and push beyond boundaries and limitations. You will be supported and motivated to make bold decisions you otherwise would avoid.

Personal Development

Takes you from where you are now to where you need to be. Success requires growth and growth is enhanced through coaching. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, to achieve the results you desire for your life.

Business Strategy

Starting a new business venture requires planning. Taking your existing business to the next level requires developing your plans. As your Business Strategist, we will work together to create your business plans and achieve measurable realistic goals.

Discover what's on offer


Working with Michelle changed the direction of my life. There is just something about the way she motivates you to push pass your emotions and see a clearer picture. I didn’t think I needed a Life Coach to begin with but I am so glad I met Michelle. I look forward to completing the other tiers of the Discovery Programme.

 – RJ

Thank you Michelle for helping me to see what lies within my core. You truly are a coach of clarity and change. You challenged and motivated beyond my now.


– TW

I went from having an idea to starting my business because Michelle stood by me. Michelle works with you to get more than the job done. It was not always easy developing my business and implementing my goals but Michelle helps you think outside the box, she supported me throughout.

– LM  

Being able to speak to Michelle over the phone, to talk over and think through my ideas, decisions and actions – has made my decision-making process smoother. You are the best AAMP ever, didn’t even know what that was until I met Michelle! Totally worth it! 

– JA

Unleash yourself, there is more!

Confidence to reach for more

Visualise your life without limitations, nothing standing in your way. Not everyone achieves their full potential or fulfils their dreams, but you can!

Gain focus and direction

Gain momentum by focusing on the actions you can change. Develop strategies to help you move forward and achieve better results.

Live without regrets

Making the decision to get coaching and develop yourself, is a decision which will lead to a life lived on purpose. No time like the present.

Sessions held

Over the Phone

Via Zoom

Via Skype

In Person

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