Accountability & Motivation Partner (AAMP)

Accountability is all about setting new and more productive habits. My role as your AAMP is to provide a more personalised help to keep you focused on achieving success with your goals.
During your session, I will be your sounding board, working with you to think and plan decisively. We mutually agree on what you want to work on using PACT (P. Possible; A. Actionable; C. Clear; T. Time-Bound) goals. I provide you with specific support and feedback to inspire you to win and find solutions to deal with any of your current challenges.

As your AAMP – Accountability and Motivation Partner, I coach you by helping you keep your commitments and follow through on your actions. The sessions are flexible, as and when you need that extra support and push.

You will need to set up a date and a time preferably each week for your accountability call, depending on your goal. Part of your actions will include keeping a track of what you actually get done. These sessions need to be a high priority for you to achieve the results you desire.

Benefits of having an AAMP:

  • you get more personalised help which means greater progress with your goals
  • a coach who is focused on your success
  • access to support that is flexible and applicable to your needs
  • you determine how much time you need
  • the areas of focus can be for your business and/or your life
  • being open without judgment or bias

Areas we can work on:

  • relationships
  • brainstorming ideas
  • decision-making
  • parenting
  • personal development
  • mind-mapping
  • business strategy
Kindly note: once payment has been received, you will receive an email with a link for you to schedule your session on a date and time suitable for you!

“Most people over plan a day and under-plan a year.” – Kelly Ritchie