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Hi, I’m Michelle and my mission is to help my clients unlock their potential, get unstuck and create the life they love so they can feel fulfilled and achieve the results they want in life and in business.

I spent the early part of my life based on other peoples’ expectations. I allowed other people to determine my life, due to a lack of confidence and a fear of failing, stepping out of the boat and on to unknown terrains kept me trapped on a wheel of trying to meet other peoples’ expectations. Then one of the worst traumas of my life happened, my husband passed away. 

I honestly thought my life was over and the strength to pull myself up became more challenging with each passing day. The reality dawned on me so glaringly like never before, time waits for no one and a life lived fulfilled or unfulfilled, matters only to the one who lived it, once gone everyone carries on.

I could no longer live constrained by fear and excuses while time passed by. I began my journey to discover who I am and what my life purpose is? Everything changed from there.

It was never my plan or intention to lose sight of my life, my purpose or my dreams, it just happened. And it may be happening to you right now?

My journey offered me the opportunity to explore the areas of my life I had forgotten about. The dreams I had growing up which I had left behind. Untapped potential I had hidden under the layers of rejection and denial. New doors of possibility I had never considered or even explored. All because I had gotten stuck in default mode in MY OWN LIFE.

I began to notice similar patterns in the lives of people around me, both old and young. They had made promises to themselves of the life they wanted, but instead life itself had taken them off track and had become stuck and unfulfilled.

In developing myself, I discovered my purpose. The journey of personal development I went through brought me to this point. My passion was birthed to help others be awakened to their present reality and work with them to push beyond the limitations and barriers to claim back their lives, dreams and aspirations. 


In a blink of an eye, everything could change. Life is fleeting, what will YOU do with YOUR life?

I began to meet and work with people who no longer wanted to settle for a mediocre life. People who either felt “stuck” in a life they did not recognise or had some “potential” idea or opportunity they wanted to develop.

Choosing to take the steps to find myself was the beginning of letting go and turning away from “other peoples expectations”. One thing was clear, I could no longer live my life for others, or I would look back with regret. I DECIDED TO CHOOSE ME. It was hard and scary but it has been worth it. 

Over the last 8 years, I have transitioned from being an unemployed widow with 3 children nearly homeless to becoming the owner of 2 businesses, speaking at events, training small business owners, working with people to get unstuck, pursue their passion and start up new businesses. I am also a fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs and a trained facilitator. During my journey, I rediscovered my love for writing and acting, and have produced, directed and written short plays including my recent play called ‘VOICES’ which had ticket sales sold out.

There are no limits to what you can achieve when you choose to continue to dream and take steps no matter how big or small, to realise those dreams.

So how did I get here? 

Growing up as a child separated from my family at a young age, I became curious about the way people make decisions and the impact those decisions have on other peoples lives.

It is easy to see how the dots in my journey connect. When I look back, my passion has always been 3 things people, business and writing. Making the decision to go to university to study business and marketing offered the opportunity to learn business principles. I learnt tools and tips on how to develop and run a business and have never looked back or stopped learning about business since then. And yet it introduced me to the understanding of how external environments impact our mindset and life choices.

Part of my role while employed, required me to work with individuals to turn their ideas into opportunities and help organisations to develop their business strategies to achieve greater results. I was coaching and didn’t even know it, until I attended a life coaching course. What I learnt on this course, helped me during the difficult stages of my transition. I realised I had been doing it all along in my previous roles, while developing and delivering mentoring programmes. This led me to study a Master Coach Certificate course. 

Making the commitment to start my own coaching business, came from people approaching me for help after hearing my story. For me to be able to redefine my life, took coaching and mentoring by others as well. My story involved a journey, one which I chose to go on and through which the REAL Michelle resurfaced.

People want to be unstuck. People want to regain power over their lives. People want to live fulfilled in their lives and businesses. What exactly are you waiting for? Choose to find YOU and live YOUR life being YOU. You have to choose your path and set course for the journey which will lead to you being YOU, I can help you. 

It has taken me time to find myself and even more time to start my businesses, but I am doing it! It has not been easy (being in front, building my confidence, developing systems, having prospective clients change their minds, redesigning packages the list goes on) but I never gave up (having more clients, my personal development, meeting new people, impacting others, new opportunities and more). I am being ME, and there is nothing else I love more than being who I KNOW I AM. 

I was able to combine my diverse skills, knowledge and experience to work with others in both my businesses. I have flexibility to work how and when I want, I am present in my children’s lives and have time for my third passion – writing (I will be publishing my 1st book in 2020).

Life can be challenging but we make the moments memorable when we choose to make the most of each day. 

When I get asked, “when was your turning point, Michelle?” I say it was when I knew I already had within me what I needed to be me. I realised I had over 15 years knowledge, skills and experience of coaching and mentoring people at different stages of life. I had seen people’s lives transformed, businesses and charities setup, and results achieved for both young and older people. I knew my challenges had triggered me to pursue unknown possibilities and overcome fears.

Success is not a one-way street but I do believe anyone can create paths to achieve their success.

Ask yourself – are you truly happy with the life you are living?

The opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey comes at various stages in our lives. We reflect and assess our lives, wondering whether or not we are achieving success or not. Make the decision today to live driven by passion and fulfil the desires of your heart.

SUCCESS = YOUR ability to live a life YOU enjoy + being YOUR authentic self + doing what YOU love and feel passionate about.


You might be where I was, fantasising over BIG dreams – wanting to live a purposeful life and run successful businesses. But you have not made a movenothing changes and time continues to slip away.

You live day to day secure in a rut, unable to get unstuck. You are afraid of going against the grain. You feel overwhelmed at the thought of starting something new. You know there is more within you but you don’t know where to start.

Being “comfortable” has become your default lane. There is nothing wrong with being ‘comfortable’ but, YOU know there is more YOU want in life and YOU know the time is now!



My tagline says it all, “DEDICATED TO YOU”. Why? Because “change is inevitable” and as people we do not give ourselves time to process change – positive or negative. I am here to help you navigate through those things change brings. 

Let’s create YOUR life differently because your life is UNIQUE to you.

Working with Michelle has been life-changing for me. It is exactly what I needed to get me moving in my life. I thought it was too late for me to start my life over but after completing my sessions with Michelle, I realised I have so much to offer. Michelle is fun, firm and full of knowledge. I look forward to working with you on the next tier.
Mrs T A