Tiers of Discovery - Potential (T3)


Tiers of Discovery – Potential (T3)


Tier 3 – work on unlocking your hidden potential and express your creativity – be you. Identify your inner dialogue and how they affect who you are and what you do. Decide today, to be your authentic and genuine self.

4 sessions over 2 months – up to 50mins per session

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Tier 3 focuses on uncovering your hidden potential – this tier gives you the opportunity to find out the skills, abilities, and creativity you have either forgotten or not taken time to explore. 

There is amazing potential within all of us but it is just waiting to be uncovered. You realise this, and now you want to stop being something you are not. It’s time to embrace the person you can become and find the potential hidden behind your layers of fear, insecurity, and the unknown.

Within tier 3, I will work with you to dig deeper and go under any layers to find out what you feel passionate about. Spending this time together will help you rethink your interests, rekindle your passion and enable you to reinvent your life and business.

As individuals, we fail to recognise how we have been raised impacts the life we live and the decisions we make, even to the extent of choosing the careers we go into and the relationships we have. Our internal beliefs affect our external lifestyles, by recognising what they are, we can begin to discover what we love and enjoy rather than what we were told and taught. You will work on going further by connecting your values with your dreams.

The package includes 4 sessions over 2 months, each session lasting up to 50mins plus an AAMP session (40mins) up to 3 months after you have completed the tier.

This tier is for you if:

  • you have spent most of your life pursuing a career you don’t enjoy
  • you feel you should be doing something different with your life
  • you started your business but things are not going the way you thought they would
  • you are much more capable than you get credit for
  • you have always felt put down

My client-focused style supports you to feel empowered and inspired to be yourself. I challenge you to dig deep and dream again from session to session, over the 2 months.

I will work with you to:

  • identify your strengths – to know your strengths and become aware of your areas of expertise, boost your self-esteem and make you more focused.
  • be aware of your weaknesses – to help you improve on those areas which hamper your growth.
  • plan ahead and develop a routine you can follow and maintain while developing new habits that promote your success
  • help you move beyond your comfort zone
  • dream higher and achieve bigger by breaking free from preconceived notions and demolish any walls which limit your potential.
  • unlock your greatness by discovering your values to help shape your future.

Once you have made a payment, please go ahead and book your first session by clicking here.

The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential. – John C. Maxwell


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