what clients say about michelle + KDS

Where were you in your life before completing Purpose (Tier 2) on the Tiers of Discovery Programme? Feeling really lost and unsure of myself. I was preparing to return to work after maternity leave. Everything around me seemed to be quite chaotic and overwhelming. I didn’t want to feel like I was failing as a new mum going back to work.

Where are you in your life now? I would say settled. I feel more like myself, no longer overwhelmed. I continue to use coping tools to keep calm and stay present in the moments. I am enjoying being a mum and embracing everything that comes with it. I am allowing my husband to be more involved and no longer feel like I have to be ‘superwoman’. It really takes the pressure off. Having had a mindset shift, I allow others to help rather than try to do everything alone.

What was it like working with Michelle? Let be honest, when I first met Michelle and she told me what she does, I did not think it would be for me. I didn’t think it was relevant for my transition process especially for being a new mum. However, Michelle came along at the best time for my small family. I remember her saying to me, “You can do this differently you know!”.  I was skeptical. But I really felt I could trust her – a single mum of three. She has life lessons and experiences which give your confidence a boost.

What made you choose the Tier of Discovery Programme? I felt the package had what I needed. It focused on a specific element of my situation. I knew I needed to see a quick turnaround with me going back to work. Also the price was affordable bearing in mind what was included. 

What are your plans for the future? I will be completing the first tier PERSON soon. With all the changes I experienced, I feel I must take time to uncover other parts of me. I learnt from Michelle, “strength comes from being yourself in every role and with every responsibility”. There is more to me and I want to discover it, with Michelle

"Strength comes from being yourself in every role and with every responsibility".
Stacey W

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Michelle as my Business Strategist. I value her varied background, knowledge and perspective on business. As a Startup Business Owner, having her support fills you with confidence, and her positive energy is invigorating.

There are people you meet and never remember, and there are people you never forget – you can’t forget Michelle. She inspires you to action and motivates you to pursue greatness – your personal greatness.

She supports you from the heart with passion and respect. She challenges you to develop a strong mindset to back up your decisions and actions.

Thanks Michelle for helping me see further than I had before, and I now know I can achieve what I see.


Where were you in your life before completing Process (Tier 4) on the Tiers of Discovery Programme? I was feeling really overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. No matter what I tried to do, I always had something I did not get finished. I had a full time job, my side business and family life to deal with plus serving in my church and other volunteering roles.

Where are you in your life and business now. I’ve made life-changing decisions about everything I was involved in. I no longer feel overwhelmed. I am currently working part time now, with plans to leave my job in the near future. I hired a virtual assistant to help me manage part of my business, giving me more time to focus on my family and pursue new business opportunities. Things are progressing at a rate I can manage while earning an income. I now have a clear business plan, objectives and goals.

What is it like working with me/doing TIER 4? Michelle helped me to prioritise my goals and activities. Together we worked on creating an action plan that was realistic and achievable for my life and business. What I enjoyed most about working with Michelle, is her varied knowledge as a Life Coach and Business Strategist. She helped me make a massive mindset shift when looking at my priorities and decision-making process. Michelle is supportive and encouraging, ready to guide you through your journey.

Your biggest benefit from completing Tier 4 (Process)? The knowledge, support and encouragement from Michelle Omo-Olaye, working through each session without judgement. Developing a different mindset, has enabled me to invest in myself and my business differently.

What are your plans for 2020? I want to leave my job and focus on my business full time. I want to take my business to the next level and continue to have a great work life balance. I am working on increasing my client base and have plans to launch some new products later in the year.

"Sometimes it takes a life-changing experience to make you check where you are in life and decide who you need to become."
Oluwaseyi T

“Michelle has such a positive and confident personality which keeps you motivated and determined.With her by your side, you feel you can take on the world.

Her knowledge and experience is diverse from developing a growth mindset to creating an effective strategy. She helps you find and know yourself, and has this ability of guiding you to shape your decisions by your values and creativity.

I have really enjoyed the time I spent being coached by Michelle and continue to appreciate her input into my personal development and business as the time goes on. “


“Having a dream can sometimes seem daunting. That was how it felt for me before I worked with Michelle. I knew in my mind where I want to be, but I didn’t know how I would get by myself.

When I purchased the “Me with You One day Intensive with Michelle, I was eager to turn my vision into a tangible business. I was nicely surprised. Michelle made me feel really comfortable which made me open up to her quickly and easily.

I choose the day intensive because I have a busy schedule and I wanted to achieve a lot in a focused timeframe. We were able to complete so much in that time. We discussed my business model, set up my social media accounts, created email addresses and created an action plan for me to continue working on.

Michelle helped me to get out of my own way. She helped me to see my procrastinating ways and fire me up to pursue my dreams, things are moving along really well and I am excited about the future.

Some of the tips from our session continue to help me stay on track:

  • make time to reflect on my day
  • take charge of my thoughts with positive affirmations – using bible verses to re-frame any negative thoughts and lies.
  • everything I need to fulfil the journey ahead is within me, all I have to do is search within.
  • it takes time to become established but it starts with a step, taken one at a time.
  • it is important to invest in me