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If you want to start living your life on your own terms, or have a business you want to move to the next level – YOU ARE IN THE BEST PLACE to make the changes you want and need in your life.

One of the things I have come across as a Coach is how easily people forget their personal development and wellbeing to achieve “success”. It can also be the other way round, where survival replaces passion and purpose. It can happen to anyone and this is the reason the coaching industry is thriving because more and more individuals are realising, to achieve your goals whether they are personal, life-related, business, health and fitness or career goals, having a coach is the bridge you need to get to the other side of your dream.

I work with you to explore and expand your life, and develop your business strategy and mindset. I meet people everyday who either do not have a life or business strategy, or are still using the old strategy. I  also meet people who don’t even believe they need a strategy for their lives because the mundane has become their normal.

There is more to YOU and what YOU do. Having a plan gives clarity and maintains focus.

I am passionate about helping you take the bold steps you need to take consistent action to live intentionally and run your business profitably. 

Let’s begin the journey to freedom, fulfilment and your future, one YOU can be proud of.


Choose YOU and live with intentionality


We have different needs and that’s okay. Take a moment to discovery what you need. I have created these packages with you in mind, packages which are practical, applicable and offer flexibility. You decide all the way what’s best for you.

Gain Total Clarity in Life & in Business

My Social Media Strategy Sessions are perfect for small business owners that want to manage their presence on their own, but could use a little extra clarity, planning and guidance. If you:

  • need direction on how to manage your social media?
  • are posting on social media but not seeing results?
  • need new ideas on how to stand out in the crowd online?

This session is for you!

What are you waiting for?

AAMP Session - One to One

Do you need a sounding board to think through a decision, idea or opportunity without bias?

Do you need support, encouragement and validation?

I am here for you as your AAMP – Accountability & Motivation Partner.

Book a session for up to 60 minutes and get motivated – over Skype, Zoom or over the Phone (in-person sessions incur travel costs).

Break Through the Barriers


A structured coaching programme which focuses on the 5Ps:


Each element represents a tier and you can choose which tier you prefer to work on. I would suggest you start with tier 1 because everything you do starts with you the person.

Each tier includes 4 sessions spread over 2 months. and each session lasts for up to 50mins. You can complete all 5 tiers in 10 months.

You may be asked to complete homework at the end of a session to dig deeper.

You deserve to live a fulfilled life


Don’t stay frustrated or overwhelmed, when freedom is only an intensive session away. Getting clear is the start of everything and I want to help you get there. Gaining clarity opens you to unknown possibilities. 

A Day Intensive involves a 3-hours, in-depth exploration session during which you will have the space, guidance and support you need to GET CLEAR. Our time together will close the gap from where you are now and where you want to be.

An intensive clarity and breakthrough session at a location in London or Essex with either afternoon tea or lunch. 100 % tailored to you.

Get clear, be confident and live content in all aspects of your life – your reality and future.

Personal Development & Strategy leads to growth


Working with Michelle changed the direction of my life. There is just something about the way she motivates you to push pass your emotions and see a clearer picture. I look forward to completing the other tiers of the Tiers of Discovery Programme.

 – RJ

Thank you Michelle for helping me to see what lies within my core. You truly are a coach of clarity and change, you have motivated beyond my now.

– TW

I went from having an idea to starting my business because Michelle stood by me. Michelle works with you to get more than the job done. It was not always easy developing my business and implementing my goals but Michelle supported me throughout.

– LM  

Being able to have Michelle at the end of the phone to talk over my ideas and decisions has made my decision-making process smoother. 

– JA